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Water boiling in a vacuum - Reason

Why water boils in a vacuum?

Do you know why water starts boiling in a vacuum. You must know that we cannot breathe in a vacuum because vacuum means to be completely empty that is, we do not have air to breathe in vacuum.
But even if humans somehow solve the problem of breathing, we will still have a problem in space.There are many reasons in space that we have to wear heavy space suit and one of the reasons why we have to wear heavy space suits in space, is because our blood starts boiling in a vacuum. 

What happens to water in outer space?

Well the reason behind this is that their is no pressure in a vacuum, due to absence of pressure in a vacuum it's hard to remain it liquid state for most of the liquids the temperature at which they start to boil drops.

What temperature does water boil at in space?

Did the question come to your mind that would this water be hot or cold? No, this water is not hot,    it is definitely boiling but it is not hot.
Now you will have another question why this water does not get hot. This is because when we boils water on the earth we have to heat it and water cannot boil on earth without heating.But this is not the case in vacuum.

Boiling is a different process and being hot is a different process.This is why water boils in a vacuum but does not get hot. 

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