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Most Uninhabitable Place on Earth

Earth's most uninhabitable place 


When we talk about life, we feel that life is prevalent everywhere on the earth and its beginning is considered to be water.  But by some recent research, it has been found out that mere availability of water can not remove the intention that there is life in that place.

You will be surprised to know that there exists a place on earth where there is no life in any form.
Researches has shown that there is not even a trace of life here, even not a single Microorganisms was found.The name of this most uninhabitable place is Dallol and it is located in Ethiopia country of the continent of Africa.

There are many ponds in Dallol, but due to this water being chemically acidic and toxic, life here is not possible.
Dallol pond is a very important place for humans because they tell us that only if the water exist it doesn't means there will be life. 

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